The National Office of Railways (ONCF) has announced an ambitious summer 2024 plan, featuring over 230 daily trains to cater to the high demand from June 24 to September 23.

“With the summer season of 2024 upon us, ONCF is gearing up to welcome millions of travelers aboard its trains. The organization is committed to supporting the increasing mobility of its customers and making travel more accessible and enjoyable. The summer 2024 plan includes a reinforced train schedule and special fare advantages, continuing ONCF’s efforts to allow national, international, and Moroccan residents abroad to fully enjoy their holidays in Morocco,” stated the ONCF on its website.

Expanded high-speed and intercity services

As part of this initiative, 30 high-speed Al Boraq trains will operate daily, maintaining an hourly schedule connecting Tangier with Kenitra, Rabat, and Casablanca from 6 AM to 9 PM (except at 1 PM), extending to 10 PM on Sundays and peak days. These trains also connect Tangier with Meknes, Fes, and Marrakech, with doubled seating during peak hours each day.

The summer plan also enhances main intercity routes with over 70 Al Atlas trains per day, linking central Morocco with various cities across the rail network. This includes 30 daily Al Atlas trains from Marrakech to Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, and Fes, operating on an hourly basis with adjusted schedules.

Boosted night and airport services

Additional services will include more trains to Fes, Oujda, and Tangier. Long-distance night trains from Casablanca to Nador and Oujda will offer optimal comfort, featuring compartments arranged like hotel rooms. The service to Mohammed V International Airport will also be strengthened with 38 rapid shuttle trains (TNR) to and from Casablanca, running hourly from 5 AM to 11 PM.

Local services will be enhanced on routes such as Casa–Rabat–Kenitra, Casa–Settat, and Casa–El Jadida.

Enhanced ticket purchase experience

ONCF is implementing an action plan to improve the train ticket purchase experience as part of its ongoing commitment to service accessibility. This includes various remote sales channels to facilitate online purchases on, with account creation options, and local purchases through partners like Chaabi Cash, Tasshilat, and Cash Plus. The ticket purchase process is made more flexible with a broader range of pricing options to encourage advance purchases at the best rates. Additionally, prices on certain routes will be rounded to reduce wait times at ticket counters.

Special summer offers

ONCF is launching a summer offer tailored to the needs of national and international travelers, as well as Moroccan expatriates (MRE). A new multi-trip tourist card, priced at 50 DH, will offer a 30% discount on 10 trips across all Al Boraq, Al Atlas, and TNR trains. This card, available at all ONCF stations until August 31, 2024, is a real invitation to discover Morocco at an advantageous rate. ONCF also highlights that all customers can enjoy a range of benefits from its partners, including train+car services, access to the Rabat National Zoo, and museums of the National Foundation of Museums (FNM).