HM King Mohammed VI on Saturday called for making the logic of wisdom and the supreme interests of Morocco and Algeria prevail in order to remedy the regrettable situation in which the energies of the two countries are being squandered. “I therefore call for making the logic of wisdom and of our supreme interests prevail in order to remedy this regrettable situation. This is a situation in which the energies of our two countries are being squandered and which is incompatible with the bonds of affection and fraternity between our peoples,” the Sovereign pointed out in a speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of his accession to the throne of his glorious ancestors.

“I am not satisfied with the current state of our relations, for it does not serve our peoples’ interests, nor is it acceptable to a great many countries,” the Monarch pointed out. The Sovereign stressed that the security and stability of Algeria and the tranquility of its people are inseparable from the security and stability of Morocco, and vice versa: “what affects Morocco will also affect Algeria, for the two countries are like one and the same body.”

Morocco and Algeria are both suffering from the problems of migration, smuggling, drugs and human trafficking, HM the King said, adding that it is the gangs which engage in such activities that are our real, common enemy. “Should we work together to combat them, we would surely manage to reduce their activities and dry up their sources,” the Monarch underlined while regretting the media and diplomatic tensions currently characterizing relations between Morocco and Algeria.

“Not only are they detrimental to the image of both countries, but they also create a negative impression, especially in international forums.” Morocco is keen to keep up its earnest efforts to promote security and stability at the African and the Euro-Mediterranean levels, and especially in the neighboring Maghreb region, the Sovereign pointed out.

“In keeping with that policy, I reiterate my sincere call to our brothers in Algeria for us to work together, without conditions, for the development of bilateral relations based on trust, dialogue and good neighbourliness,” HM the King said. “Morocco and Algeria are more than just two neighboring countries: they are twins, complementing one another,” the Sovereign stressed.

“For this reason, I call upon His Excellency the Algerian President for us to work together, as soon as he sees fit, so as to promote the fraternal relations built by our peoples through years of common struggle,” the Monarch said. “There is no sensible justification for the current situation, the more so as the reasons that led to the closing of the border apply no more. This means there is no reasonable justification for the closure,” HM the King noted.

The closing of borders is incompatible with a natural right and an intrinsic legal principle, both of which are enshrined in international covenants, including the Marrakech Treaty, which is the founding text of the Arab Maghreb Union, the Sovereign said, adding that the Treaty stipulates the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital between the States of the Union.