The Timitar Festival, set to take place from July 4 to 6 in Agadir, is gearing up for its 19th edition with a vibrant and diverse artistic lineup that promises to celebrate the richness of various cultures and musical styles.

Held under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI, this highly anticipated event in the Moroccan and international music scene aims to offer an immersive and festive experience. According to a statement from the Timitar Association, the festival will feature a constellation of renowned artists from around the globe, all coming together to share their passion and talent.

This year’s festival will shine a spotlight on Amazigh music, with performances from legends such as Hamid Inerzaf and Oudaden, as well as traditional groups like Ahwach Taliouine, Ahwach Tata, and Ahwach Imin Tanout. The new generation of Amazigh artists will also be well-represented, with acts like Fatima Tachtoukt, Karim Lajwad, Joubantouja, Tassouta N’Imal, Meteor Airlines, and Ribab Fusion set to perform.

The Rrayssates and Rrways will take the stage at the Théâtre de Verdure, highlighting the richness of Amazigh musical and poetic traditions. Meanwhile, fans of fusion and Arabic pop can look forward to concerts by the enchanting Syrian voice of Faia Younan, Egyptian star Hamza Namira, Abu, known for the hit “3 Daqat,” Moroccan diva Oum with her new album “Dakchi,” Raï prodigy Douzi, Zakaria Ghafouli, and Hasba Groove, who bring a modern twist to chaâbi music.

Timitar 2024 will also offer a musical journey across Africa with performances by Les Amazones d’Afrique and the Orchestre Cesaria, who will pay tribute to the legendary Cesaria Evora. Artists Elida Almeida, Ceuzany, and Taofillo Chantre will also participate in this homage.

Prominent African artists such as Kel Assouf, Imed Alibi, and Justin Adams, along with Ali Amran, a staunch defender of Amazigh heritage, will be featured as well.

Jazz and soul enthusiasts will be thrilled by the presence of Jamaaladeen Tacuma, a virtuoso bassist from Philadelphia and a prominent figure in the jazz fusion scene. He will be joined by Agadir talents Mehdi Qamoum and Saïd Ozous, promising a unique performance blending jazz, funk, R&B, and world music.

The festival will spotlight the rap scene with two distinctive artists: Dada, an Agadir native who skillfully blends Darija, Amazigh, and English in his lyrics, and DYSTINCT, an international urban artist whose hits transcend borders.

For electronic music fans, the festival will take place across three iconic Agadir venues: Al Amal Square, Bijaouane Square, and the Théâtre de Verdure. It will feature a cutting-edge lineup with DJs Omary, MKA, D33P SOUL, NDRK, and DJ FLAVA, key figures in the Moroccan and international electronic scene, who will be accompanied by immersive visual projections from VJ Kalamour and VJ Redam.