Morocco’s rate of tobacco consumption is in continuous decline as it is in the world, said Marrakech’s Addictology Center President Hamid Ibanni on Tuesday.

“It is expected that this rate would reach 12% in Morocco in 2025,” said Ibanni in a presentation at a conference on the dangers of tobacco, organized on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day.

In his presentation, the expert, who was referring to studies of the World Health Organization (WHO), said that the number of smokers of tobacco and its derivatives, aged 15 years and over, has experienced a regression in Morocco from 23.6% in 2000 to 17.7% in 2010, then to 15.7% in 2015 to reach 13.8% in 2020.

During this conference initiated by the Marrakech Section of the Drug-Risk Reduction Association, in partnership with the Faculty of Sciences Semlalia (FSSM) under the University Cadi Ayyad, Ibanni noted that this regression is the logical result of Morocco’s policy in the fight against smoking.