Morocco will become the “future spearhead of vaccine production in Africa”, especially anti-Covid-19 serums, the TV5 Monde TV channel said in a report.

“Morocco becomes the bridgehead of the Chinese vaccine in Africa,” noted TV5 Monde, which referred to the signing of several agreements on a project to manufacture anti-Covid and other vaccines between several Moroccan, Chinese and Swedish public and private organizations.

“From here (industrial pole of Sothema +editor’s note+) will come out in a few weeks the first vaccines against Covid-19, manufactured in Morocco,” according to the channel, adding that this is a local production that will be possible thanks to an agreement signed by this Moroccan pharmaceutical laboratory and the Chinese giant Sinopharm.

“The Kingdom not only becomes the bridgehead of the Chinese vaccine in Africa, but also intends to offer a place in the global vaccine market,” noted the channel, adding that to speed up the process, Morocco has also signed with Recipharm, a Swedish leader in the vaccine industry, the world’s 5th largest drug subcontractor.

In Morocco, the Swedish group will serve as an assistant to build a new filling plant, train Moroccans and ensure the transfer of technology, said TV5 Monde, adding that during the pandemic, the group is also offering Morocco access to its factories around the world, including India or France, where Recipharm manufactures the Moderna vaccine for the Americans.

With a final phase, to produce in the long term other vaccines against infectious diseases, Morocco has set an ambitious goal, to become by 2024 the African hub of manufacturing and distribution of vaccines, concluded TV5.