Western Union marked a significant milestone on June 26 by opening its first concept store in Africa, situated in the satellite town of Errahma near Casablanca. This innovative store, launched in partnership with Cash Plus, allows customers to send and receive international funds seamlessly, aligning with the company’s “Evolve 2025” strategy.

Mohamed Touhami el Ouazzani, Regional Vice President for Africa at Western Union, emphasized Morocco’s crucial role in the company’s growth plans.

Morocco: A key hub for money transfers

Morocco stands out as a pivotal hub for money transfers. In 2023, the country received approximately $12 billion in incoming funds, ranking as the third-largest market in Africa. These funds are vital for many Moroccan families, contributing significantly to the nation’s economy, with remittances accounting for about 8% of Morocco’s GDP.

Enhancing financial inclusion through greater accessibility

This new store launch underscores Western Union’s commitment to investing in Morocco and Africa, with the goal of improving financial accessibility and inclusion for all. Designed to offer seamless access to a comprehensive range of services in high-traffic areas, these stores ensure customers receive dedicated service and personalized support.

“We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with Western Union to bring this unique store concept to Morocco, redefining the money transfer experience,” said Hazim Sebatta, CEO of Cash Plus. “Our partnership aims to provide exceptional service to customers, transforming the way they send and receive money with greater convenience, efficiency, and reliability.”

A pillar of the ‘Evolve 2025’ strategy

The concept stores support one of the key pillars of Western Union’s ‘Evolve 2025’ strategy: leveraging its retail operations as a gateway to Western Union. These high-impact stores are built on the strong foundations Western Union has with its customers. Today, there are over 200 such locations worldwide. This innovative, customer-focused approach sets a new standard, offering modern, streamlined experiences tailored to the needs of international money transfer clients.