The voting age population in Morocco stands at nearly 25.22 million people (69.5% of the total population), compared to 23.211 Mln in 2016, according to the High Planning Commission (HCP).

Slightly more than half of this population are women (12.801 Mln, representing 50.7%), said the HCP in a note published on the occasion of the 2021 elections, scheduled for September 8.

Among the population eligible for voting, 16.683 Mln (66.1%) are based in urban areas, the same source specified.

As of July 31, 2021, the number of citizens registered on the electoral lists reaches 17.509 Mln people; a registration rate of 69.4%, said the HCP, specifying that the rate is higher in rural areas (8.054 Mln; 94.3%), compared to urban areas (9.455 Mln; 56.7%). By gender, the number of men on these lists (9.455 Mln; 76.1%) is higher than that of women (8.054 Mln; 62.9%). Moreover, as age increases, the registration rate rises from 33.6% for 18-24 year olds to 94.4% for 60 years or older. The HCP presents, in its note, a set of data on the 2021 electoral landscape and an analysis on the Moroccan voting age population, with a particular emphasis on first-time voters.