Cases of covid-19 infection tend to stagnate during the last two weeks despite a slight increase in contamination, said, on Tuesday in Rabat, head of the division of communicable diseases at the Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control, Abdelkrim Meziane Bellefquih.

Presenting the bimonthly results of the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom, the official explained that this slight increase follows the easing of health restrictions after Eid Al Fitr. In addition, the number of positive cases increased slightly over two weeks from 2.46% to 3.87%, he noted, adding that this upward trend mainly concerned the region of Casablanca-Settat (8.29%). There was also an increase in active cases from 2,595 to 3,072 cases (+15%).

According to Bellefquih, an 11.8% drop in critical or severe cases admitted to intensive care units was noted, going from 208 cases to 186 cases, while cases under intubation remain between 6 and 8 cases during the same period. The recorded death curve has stagnated between 50 and 56 cases. The official called for continued vigilance even after the easing of health measures, as well as compliance with preventive measures in order to preserve the achievements made in this area.

In addition, he welcomed the smooth running of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign which is in its 19th week, specifying that more than 9 million people have received the first dose of the vaccine and more than 6 million people have been fully vaccinated.