The fifth edition of the Moroccan Consumer Day, the flagship annual event organized by Consonews magazine, took place in Casablanca on Monday, June 3, 2024. Themed “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Brand-Consumer Relationships: Ethics and Usage,” this year’s event delved into the transformative power of AI in marketing and customer relations.

AI is at the forefront of technological innovations, revolutionizing various sectors. In marketing and customer relations, AI enhances personalized experiences, optimizes campaigns, and automates interactions, providing brands with powerful tools to better understand and serve their consumers. However, these advancements also raise crucial ethical questions regarding the use of personal data and algorithm transparency.

Key panels at Moroccan Consumer Day

1. Impact of AI on brand-consumer experience and relationship: This panel explored how brands are incorporating AI into their marketing strategies and the resulting improvements in customer experience. The discussions highlighted real-world examples and testimonials from brands that have successfully transformed their customer relationships through AI.

2. Ethical implications of AI usage: The second panel examined the ethical issues related to the use of AI in marketing. Panelists discussed consumer protection impacts and analyzed these issues from the perspective of consumer rights, identifying new challenges posed by emerging technologies.

Insights and engagements

The event gathered around 100 participants, including marketing professionals, communication specialists, consumer rights advocates, academics, and other experts. They engaged in rich, constructive discussions about the future of brand-consumer relationships in the AI era.

Moroccan Consumer Awards: Celebrating excellence and commitment

This edition also featured the Moroccan Consumer Awards, which honored brands for their commitment to consumers. Seven awards were presented:

  • Made in Morocco Award:
    • AIN SOLTANE (mineral water)
    • ISOLBOX (construction)
    • ECOAIR (air conditioning)
  • Customer Relations Award:
    • INWI (national operator)
  • Responsible Consumption Award:
    • Marjane Group (distribution)
  • Brand Longevity Award:
    • Le Matin (national daily)
    • Sochepress (publishing)

These awards recognized innovative initiatives, pricing policies that enhance purchasing power, distribution strategies that increase product accessibility, and other consumer-beneficial actions.

Consumer rights training

In line with Moroccan Consumer Day’s mission to raise consumer awareness, a training session on consumer rights was organized by the Independent Moroccan Consumer Institute (IMIC) in partnership with the National Federation of Consumer Associations (FNAC).