Sales of new cars in Morocco reached 118,382 units during the first eight months of this year, up 13.81% compared to the end of August 2019, according to the Association of Motor Vehicle Importers in Morocco (AIVAM).

The sales are spread over passenger cars (PC) with 104.288 new registrations, in rise of 11,83%, as well as on the light commercial vehicles (LCV) with 14.094 units sold (+31,02%), specifies the AIVAM which has published its monthly statistics.

By brand, Dacia continues to dominate the PC market with a share of 28.21, or 29,418 units sold, ahead of Renault (14,435 cars and a market share of 13.84%), Hyundai (8,502 cars and a share of 8.15%) and Peugeot (7,066 cars and a share of 6.78%), says the same source.

The South Korean brand Kia increased its sales by 181.16% to 2,775 vehicles, while Skoda (+49.39%), Ford (+24.98%), Nissan (+13.68%) and Toyota (+8.69%) managed to sell 3,206, 3,182, 3,174 and 3,165 units, respectively.

The sales of the German brand Volkswagen fell by 19.82% to 4,704 cars, while those of Seat, Fiat and Citroen decreased by 21.68%, 15.98% and 10.79% respectively.

Regarding light commercial vehicles, the Indian brand Mahindra boosted its new registrations by 435.71% to 75 units, followed by Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) with a rebound of 193.16% (2,829 vehicles) and Peugeot (+100.35% to 565 cars).

Concerning premium cars sales, Audi sold 2,553 units to the end of August 2021, representing a market share of 2.45%, ahead of BMW (2,222 vehicles and 2.13% share) and Mercedes (1,672 units and 1.68% share).

Sales of the German brand Porsche rose by 100% to 210 vehicles, while those of Jaguar fell by 42.23% to 119 units.

In August alone, the number of new registrations amounted to 10,999 units, up 7.51% compared to the same month in 2019. The breakdown by segment shows an increase in passenger cars of 2.03% to 9,329 units and LCVs of 53.49% to 1,670 units.