Akdital Group, the leader in private healthcare in Morocco, has received the green light from the Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) for a substantial capital increase of 1 billion dirhams. This approval represents a significant milestone in Akdital’s ambitious expansion strategy aimed at enhancing its healthcare network across the country and investing in cutting-edge medical technologies.

The capital increase will be executed through the issuance of shares priced between 660 and 690 dirhams each. Notably, existing shareholders’ preemptive subscription rights will be waived in favor of public subscription. This move aligns with Akdital’s ongoing expansion strategy. The raised funds will be pivotal in financing several critical projects, including the construction of new healthcare facilities in underserved cities such as Tétouan, Kénitra, Rabat, Meknès, Errachidia, Taroudant, Benguérir, and Dakhla.

In 2023, Akdital reported an impressive revenue of 1.907 billion dirhams, an 84% increase from the previous year. This growth was driven by the opening of new facilities and continuous performance improvements at existing clinics. With this capital boost, Akdital plans to open approximately ten new facilities in 2024, increasing its total bed capacity from around 2,300 in 2023 to over 3,700.

The Extraordinary General Assembly, held on June 13, 2024, approved this capital increase. The newly issued shares will be equivalent to the existing ones, offering the same benefits, including profit distributions and reserve allocations. This move underscores the confidence of shareholders and investors in Akdital’s growth strategy and its ability to meet the rising healthcare needs of the Moroccan population.

Dr. Rochdi Talib, Akdital’s CEO, stated, “This 1 billion dirham capital increase is crucial for realizing our vision of expanding and modernizing our medical infrastructure. We are committed to enhancing access to quality healthcare for all Moroccans.” Ilyas El Harti, Deputy CEO, added, “Akdital’s commitment to adopting international best practices and investing in advanced technologies is fundamental to our success. Our goal is to ensure that every Akdital facility delivers high-quality healthcare that meets the growing needs of patients.”

Akdital’s expansion aligns with the Royal Vision for modernizing and improving Morocco’s healthcare system. By aligning its efforts with this vision, Akdital reaffirms its commitment to modernizing the Moroccan healthcare system, improving access to quality care, and supporting sustainable development.

Moreover, Akdital’s growth is not limited to opening new clinics. It also involves creating numerous jobs, thus contributing to the local economy. In 2023, Akdital hired over 700 new employees to support its growth projects. With the anticipated opening of new clinics, Akdital estimates the creation of more than 2,900 additional jobs in 2024, providing stable and well-paid professional opportunities to residents in the regions where these new clinics will be established.

This capital increase will solidify Akdital’s position as a leader in Morocco’s private healthcare sector, enabling it to continue offering high-quality healthcare services to an increasing number of Moroccans. The group’s initiatives, from adopting advanced technologies to building new clinics in remote areas, contribute significantly to national public health goals and the country’s economic and social development.