On Monday, a Palestinian academic delegation visited Mohammed V University in Rabat to explore cooperation prospects aimed at facilitating a gradual return to formal education in Palestine.

In his address, Palestinian Minister of Al-Quds Affairs, Ashraf Al Aawar, highlighted the significance of the delegation’s visit as an opportunity to inform Morocco about the current conditions in Palestinian universities and the challenges they face.

Imad Abu Kishk, President of Al-Quds University, emphasized the crucial role of academic cooperation for Palestinian universities, particularly those in the holy city of Jerusalem. He acknowledged Morocco’s leading role in supporting Palestinian universities by providing scholarships to Palestinian students, whether they are studying within the Palestinian territories or in Morocco. He also noted the launch of scholarships for innovation and research at Al-Quds University by Morocco.

Interim President of Mohammed V University, Farid El Bacha, reiterated the university’s commitment to supporting Palestinian efforts under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, President of the Al-Quds Committee. He called for the annual Moroccan-Palestinian forum to become a sustainable platform for cooperation and partnership between the two sides.

El Bacha also praised the honorable contributions of Al-Quds-Abu Dis University in empowering Palestinian elites to defend their inalienable and legitimate rights.

The meeting was attended by the Palestinian Ambassador to Rabat, Jamal Choubki; Mohamed Salem Cherkaoui, Director of the Bayt Mal Al Quds Acharif Agency; Khalil Abou Foul, President of the Board of Al-Azhar University in Gaza; Omar Milad, President of Al-Azhar University; and a host of academic figures from Jerusalem and Gaza, along with deans from various faculties of Mohammed V University.