In a significant move to bolster youth talent development, Attijariwafa Bank Group and Al Akhawayn University have entered into a new partnership agreement. This collaboration, signed by Mohamed El Kettani, CEO of Attijariwafa Bank, and Amine Bensaid, President of Al Akhawayn University, represents a robust commitment from both parties to bridge the gap between academic excellence and professional expertise.

This partnership aims to accelerate the collaboration between the two entities, fostering a strategy that promotes closeness between the academic and business worlds. Both Attijariwafa Bank and Al Akhawayn University are keen on enhancing their synergies, pooling their resources, and creating a constructive dynamic based on an innovative roadmap.

Focus areas of the partnership:

– Academic and training programs: The partnership will create synergies around academic courses and training programs, ensuring they are closely aligned with industry needs.
– Recruitment and professional integration: Both institutions will work together on recruitment initiatives, facilitating the professional integration of young talents into the job market.
– Skill development and knowledge sharing: There will be a mutual transfer of skills and sharing of expertise, enriching the learning experience and professional readiness of students.
– Immersive programs: Implementation of immersive programs designed to enhance the skills of young talents and ensure their successful entry into professional careers.
– Joint projects in entrepreneurship: Development of joint projects focused on entrepreneurship, fostering a spirit of innovation and adaptability to new technologies.
– Initiatives on collective intelligence and soft skills: Launching initiatives aimed at supporting youth in developing collective intelligence, soft skills, and personal growth.

Commitment to innovation and technology

Attijariwafa Bank and Al Akhawayn University are dedicated to accelerating joint initiatives that support the development of collective intelligence, soft skills, and personal growth among young people. This partnership not only emphasizes the importance of academic and professional alignment but also highlights the commitment to innovation and the integration of new technologies in the learning process.