As part of its growth strategy in the agro-industrial sector, Holmarcom Group has acquired 60% of the capital of Scandimar, a company specializing in seafood processing and the production of ready-made meals. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for the group, which plans to increase its stake to 80% within a year. Additionally, new investor Mehdi Smires joins the venture by acquiring a 20% share in Scandimar.

Expanding product lines and production capabilities

Founded in 2006, Scandimar began with salmon smoking and gradually expanded its product range to include fish emulsions (rillettes, pâtés), ready-made fish dishes, and canned goods (tuna, sardines, and mackerel). The company also sells whole fish and portions to hotels, restaurants, and catering services.

Since its inception, Scandimar has successfully diversified its offerings into six product categories, catering to both professionals and consumers. The company has strengthened its production capabilities while mastering the entire fish processing chain, from procurement to packaging.

Innovations and market adaptation

Scandimar’s expertise, efficient production facilities, and active research and development policy have enabled it to achieve numerous innovations and adapt to the local market’s needs.

“This investment reflects our ambition to explore new opportunities in the agro-industrial sector and our commitment to enhancing the Kingdom’s fishing heritage,” stated Mohamed Hassan Bensalah, CEO of Holmarcom Group.

Strategic investment for future growth

Holmarcom’s entry into Scandimar’s capital will provide the company with additional resources to further develop its activities and contribute to the valorization of the country’s marine resources. This aligns with the Halieutis plan, which aims to make the fisheries sector a significant growth driver for the national economy.