The Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development (COMADER) strongly denounced on Wednesday the false allegations of the Valencia farmers’ association regarding the quality of the national avocado production.

It confirms its firm support to the Moroccan Association of avocado producers “MAVA” which provided clarifications following the false allegations of the association of farmers of Valencia “AVA-ASAJA” denigrating the national production of avocados, said a statement by COMADER.

The Moroccan avocado enjoys a strong infatuation of the European Community market which represents 90% of exports, particularly because of its excellent quality taste and transit time of short duration which allows to preserve the freshness and quality of the product, added the same source.

A fruit with a high added value, benefiting from a strong demand of international customers, the Avocado represents today a sector of future for the country, as much at the level of employment opportunities as at the level of national and international investments, the statement noted, stressing that the Moroccan Avocado benefits from exceptional pedoclimatic conditions that are favourable to its development.