573 people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in Baccalaureate exam fraud, the National police (DGSN) announced Sunday.

468 people were arrested on suspicion of fraud, while the remaining others were arrested on suspicion of involvement in cases of possession and marketing of computer equipment used for school fraud and for sharing digital content in connection with this subject on the Internet, a statement from the DGSN said.

These cases of fraud were reported in the cities of Casablanca (158 cases), Agadir (71), Rabat (38) and Marrakech (36 cases).

IT monitoring measures undertaken by the security services in charge of cyber security allowed to identify 125 individuals who created accounts on social networks to facilitate fraud and led to the arrest of 54 of them.

According to the DGSN, 51 people were arrested for their involvement in the possession and marketing of wireless devices used in acts of fraud.

Search operations carried out part of these cases resulted in the seizure of 121 cell phones, 182 wireless communication devices, 143 wireless headsets, and several tablets, laptops and internet-connected devices, the statement concluded.