Casa Transport has issued a call for tenders for an extensive modernization project for Boulevard Zerktouni, a critical artery in Casablanca. Estimated at 112 million dirhams, the project aims to transform this major thoroughfare into a modern and efficient traffic corridor.

The project will be executed in two phases to ensure optimal management. The first phase, costing 55.43 million dirhams, will cover the section from Boulevard de la Corniche to Boulevard Brahim Roudani. The second phase, amounting to 56.42 million dirhams, will extend from Boulevard Brahim Roudani to Boulevard Mohammed VI.

The modernization efforts will include a complete rehabilitation of the roadway, installation of new signaling equipment, and implementation of advanced safety devices. This ambitious initiative by Casa Transport is part of a broader strategy to modernize Casablanca’s road infrastructure, aiming to meet international standards and provide residents with a better travel experience.

By investing in the modernization of Boulevard Zerktouni, Casa Transport seeks to enhance the overall traffic flow and safety of one of Casablanca’s busiest streets. This project is expected to significantly improve the daily commute for thousands of residents and contribute to the city’s urban development.