The Chellah archaeological site in Rabat will host the second edition of “Nostalgie: Émotion d’Antan” from July 8 to 14. This event promises to once again evoke the emotions of the past through a rich cultural program featuring theatrical and artistic performances that bring to life the experiences of ancient civilizations.

Building on the success of the inaugural edition, which attracted around 20,000 attendees, the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication highlights that this year’s event will continue to offer new performances that celebrate the historical significance of Chellah. The “Nostalgie: Émotion d’Antan” project is part of a broader initiative to revive historic sites in Morocco and make them accessible to both citizens and international visitors.

This year’s program will feature a variety of shows that capture the essence of past civilizations that once thrived at Chellah. By doing so, it aims to educate the public about the rich history of these archaeological sites and strengthen the connection between the people and their cultural heritage.

The initiative seeks to rehabilitate Morocco’s historical sites and raise awareness about their significance through engaging presentations. These performances will highlight the historical narratives of previous civilizations, offering both educational and entertaining experiences for attendees.

The first edition of “Nostalgie: Émotion d’Antan” was held in July 2023 and was well-received by the public. This year’s event aims to build on that success, continuing to draw large crowds and foster a deeper appreciation for Morocco’s archaeological treasures.