Capital Trust, fresh off the heels of securing a financial investment advisory license for its subsidiary Capital Trust Finance, is now launching a new arm, Capital Trust Invest.

With an initial capital of two million dirhams, this new entity is set to become the flagship of the investment bank founded by Lamia Boutaleb in 2008, which specializes in private equity and the management of collective investment schemes. Amine Omar Tazi-Riffi, a Moroccan from the European diaspora who previously led McKinsey’s Geneva office, has been appointed to head Capital Trust Invest.

Drawing from his extensive experience in private equity, the new leader joins Lamia Boutaleb’s ambitions in this rapidly growing sector in Morocco, bolstered by the Mohammed VI Investment Fund and its program of over 10 billion dirhams aimed at invigorating the real economy.

Capital Trust, an independent investment bank operating in various sectors of the financial markets, now boasts five areas of expertise and half a dozen specialized subsidiaries.