The Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dental Medicine in Fès welcomed the inaugural “Healthtech Innova Days” on Friday, an event organized by the incubator “INCUBOOSTER.”

This event is part of the third edition of the INNOV INVEST Fund (FII), an initiative by TAMWILCOM aimed at boosting entrepreneurship and innovation, providing support and facilitating access to funding for startups and innovative project leaders.

Running from June 7 to 9, this hackathon features 15 innovative projects, serving as a platform for future startups specializing in health technologies and innovations.

The organizers of “Healthtech Innova Days” aim to develop groundbreaking projects in key areas of medical innovation.

Priority sectors include telemedicine, enabling remote consultations via online platforms, and connected medical devices that monitor and collect real-time health data from patients.

Mobile health applications (mHealth) for physical condition monitoring and chronic disease management are also targeted.

The event also seeks to promote secure health data management systems and artificial intelligence applied to diagnostics, personalized treatments, and improved care.

Online training and public awareness about health issues will be integral to this dynamic innovation in the healthcare sector.

At the end of the event, teams will present their projects to a panel of experts and potential investors. The five most promising projects will receive enhanced support from “INCUBOOSTER,” including management tool development, business plan creation, access to research laboratories for proof of concept demonstration, fundraising support, and guidance toward TAMWILCOM’s partner incubation structures. This support aims to bring the ambitions of innovative HealthTech project leaders to fruition.