The ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, organized on Thursday, a ceremony in honor of students who achieved distinguished results, notably in the competitions of the Pan-African, Arab and Francophone Mathematics Olympiads.

These excellent achievements are the result of serious and tireless work and of a great cohesion between students and all the staff responsible for their supervision, said Friday, the ministry in a statement.

The Moroccan team was ranked first in the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad, organized remotely on May 23-24, by Tunisia after winning two gold medals and four silver, said the same source, adding that Aya Aguerjout and Youssef Bouhattouch won gold, while Mohamed Ayoub Mabtoul, Adam El Kharraz, Hiba Bennabou and Asmaa Hebatallah won the silver medals.

Regarding the Arab Mathematics Olympiad, organized by Egypt, the student Aya Aguerjout won the gold medal, Mohamed Ayoub Mabtoul and Mouad El Mouatassim, obtained two silver medals, while Aymen Mutie won bronze.

As for the competitions of the Francophone Mathematics Olympiad hosted by Switzerland, with the participation of eight countries, in the junior category, Adam El Kharraz and Mouad Enoua won two silver medals, while El Mehdi Elkihel and Haytam El Mamoun won two bronze medals and for the category of adults Aguerjout won bronze.

The Asia-Pacific Mathematics Olympiad 2021, which brought together 344 candidates representing 37 countries, Aya Aguerjout won the bronze medal, while Mouad Enoua received an honorary distinction.