The Ministry of Health called, Saturday, on the citizens to strictly respect the precautionary and preventive measures anti-Covid-19.

With the approach of the summer vacations and the end of the school year, with all that entails in terms of travel, gatherings and promiscuity, and in view of the slackening recently in the observance of barriers and preventive measures, the Ministry of Health urged again, in a statement, all citizens to strictly adhere to the preventive and precautionary measures against Covid-19 recommended by the national ad hoc scientific committee and health authorities of the country.

The measures include the correct wearing of masks, hygiene, respect for physical distance and avoidance of unnecessary gatherings especially with the gradual lifting of the night curfew and the upcoming resumption of international flights to and from Morocco.

“Our collective respect for preventive measures and barriers represents a civic behavior, an enhancement of the colossal efforts made and a preservation of the results and achievements made,” concluded the statement.