Deloitte Morocco Cyber Center, part of the global professional services network Deloitte, and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), through its Vanguard Center, have announced a partnership to create, design, and implement a specialized laboratory focused on securing industrial technologies and products (OT/ICS).

This initiative, central to the collaboration between Deloitte Morocco Cyber Center and UM6P, aims to equip Morocco, as well as local and African manufacturing industries, with cutting-edge cyber capabilities, UM6P stated in a press release.

The partnership is poised to enhance the resilience of these industries against emerging cyber threats by concentrating on securing technical operations and industrial control systems, the release added.

Imade Elbaraka, President of Deloitte Morocco Cyber Center, emphasized that the laboratory marks a “significant advancement in our joint commitment to security and technological innovation.” By combining Deloitte’s expertise with UM6P’s advanced research, “we are dedicated to providing sovereign cybersecurity solutions that address the specific needs of local and African industries,” he highlighted.

Hicham El Habti, President of UM6P, noted that UM6P’s commitment to technological development and research support sees this partnership with Deloitte Morocco Cyber Center as an opportunity to bolster the efforts of Moroccan and African industries in cybersecurity. “By uniting our resources and expertise, we aim to foster an environment of innovation in the field of industrial technology security through this laboratory,” he remarked.

This partnership underscores the dedication of Deloitte Morocco Cyber Center and UM6P to supporting the economic and technological development of Morocco and Africa by enhancing the security of critical infrastructures and industrial systems against cyber threats, the statement concluded.