Sunergia, Morocco’s leading marketing research firm, has released the fifth edition of its highly anticipated annual social media barometer. This study highlights the major trends that will shape Morocco’s digital landscape in 2024.

Despite a slight dip compared to 2023, the overall trend has shown a steady rise since 2020. WhatsApp continues to dominate as a key communication tool, with 76% of users. Facebook and Instagram also retain their strong appeal, with 65% and 40% of Moroccans using these platforms, respectively.

Sunergia also notes the rapid growth of TikTok and Telegram, which are attracting an increasing number of users. However, Facebook has seen a slight decline, dropping by 3 percentage points from the previous year.

The full barometer, soon to be available on Sunergia’s website, will provide a detailed analysis of social media usage and trends in Morocco. This comprehensive study is essential for businesses and marketing professionals aiming to understand and adapt to the ever-evolving digital environment.