A delegation of ambassadors and representatives from 16 countries paid a visit, on Thursday, to Tiflet 2 prison and to the national training center for executives of this city, to learn about the efforts made by Morocco to improve the management methods of penitentiaries and the humanization of the prison environment.

The tour, organized by the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) in partnership with the Diplomatic Foundation, is part of the delegation’s openness to the international environment, with a view to sharing experiences and expertise in the prison field.

Diplomats representing South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, South Korea, Spain, United States, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Russia, Rwanda, Chad and Tunisia visited the various departments and premises of Tiflet 2 prison, where they were given explanations on the organization, functioning and conditions of detention in this establishment.

In addition, the ambassadors followed presentations on the efforts of the DGAPR in terms of reintegration and humanization of the prison environment, particularly medical care, education and vocational training and actions to rehabilitate prisoners for a normal post-prison life.

At the end of this first visit of its kind to Tiflet 2 prison, the doyen of the delegation of visiting ambassadors, the Chadian ambassador to Morocco, praised the efforts made to improve the conditions of detention and to implement reintegration programs by the DGAPR, “which shows that Morocco has made considerable progress in this area”.