The Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research announced on Friday that several educational and organizational measures have been taken in anticipation of the effective start of classes on October 1.

These measures concern the departments of national education, higher education and scientific research and that of vocational training, said the ministry in a statement.

With regard to national education, it was decided to update the curricula for the school season 2021-2022, in order to adapt their various stages to the new date of actual start of classes, including school vacations, homework and school exams, in order to preserve school time and complete the courses.

The Ministry urges parents and guardians of students to supervise and accompany their children so that they can take advantage of this period (remaining month of September) to gradually familiarize themselves with the studies and this, through the use of various educational resources available (textbooks, booklets, educational platforms. ..), in addition to the realization of self-learning activities and parallel reading and monitoring of review sessions and support that will be disseminated, in addition to providing psychological and moral support to children, especially in this exceptional situation marked by the emergence of the “Covid 19”.

Regarding higher education and scientific research, access competitions will be organized remotely for selective courses (professional license, master), in addition to the televised broadcast of courses produced by national universities, according to a program to be announced in the coming days.

On this occasion, the Ministry reiterates its call to all citizens to commit massively to the national vaccination operation and to continue to respect the precautionary measures recommended by the competent authorities, in order to accelerate the pace of return to normal life for an effective start of classes in normal conditions.