In a meeting chaired by Aziz Akhannouch on Thursday, the Government Council approved several high-level appointments in accordance with Article 92 of the Constitution.

Key appointments :

Ministry of transport and logistics

Benacer Boulaajoul has been reappointed as the Director of the National Agency for Road Safety (NARSA), a position he has held since 2019. Prior to this role, from 2012 to 2019, Boulaajoul served as the Permanent Secretary of the National Committee for Traffic Accident Prevention (CNPAC), NARSA’s predecessor.

Ministry of energy transition and sustainable development

Department of energy transition: Saad Achebour has been named Director of Administrative Affairs and Information Systems.

Department of sustainable development: Hafsa Lakhlifi has been appointed Director of Circular Economy and Pollution Control, while Mustapha Majdoubi takes on the role of Director of Resources and Information Systems.

Ministry of Industry and Trade

Hafid Chakra has been appointed as Director of Coordination and Monitoring of Decentralized Services.

Strengthening leadership

These appointments aim to strengthen leadership across various ministries, ensuring effective administration and progress in key sectors such as transport safety, energy transition, sustainable development, and industrial coordination. The reappointment and new appointments reflect the government’s commitment to continuity and improvement in public service delivery, setting the stage for continued advancements in their respective fields.