Australia’s demands for Moroccan handicrafts in 2021 jumped by 115% compared to 2020, according to the ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy.

The African market has also recorded a remarkable increase with a growth rate of 68%, including Senegal, which totals half of exports to Africa (51%), the ministry said in the statement, noting that Nigeria (19%) and South Africa (15%) complete the top three of the continent.

North America is not left behind in terms of evolution (58%), with market shares of 96% for the USA and 4% for Canada, according to the same source.

The European market, whose annual decline has been moderate in recent years, shows renewed interest in Moroccan handicrafts. Europe has indeed recorded an increase of 49%, driven mainly by the Spanish and French markets that rose respectively by 107% and 54%, compared to 2020.

The ministry also stressed the good performance of the category “Other countries” which progressed by 118%, through new regions such as New Zealand and China.

In terms of participation in export sales, Europe maintains its position as the first customer of Moroccan crafts with a share of 45%, followed by the United States of America (30%) and the Arab countries with a share of 13%, mainly through Saudi Arabia (22%), the United Arab Emirates (19%) and Qatar (7%).