The High Commission for Planning (HCP) has introduced the new visual identity for the 2024 General Census of Population and Housing (RGPH). The logo, a semi-circle in national colors, symbolizes the diversity, hope, and unity of the Moroccan population.

Accompanied by the slogan “Tomorrow is in Our Hands,” the new identity builds on the message from the 2014 census, emphasizing the crucial role of every citizen in shaping Morocco’s future.

The HCP aims to use this optimistic visual identity to rally the population and ensure the success of the upcoming census. Ahmed Lahlimi Alami, the High Commissioner for Planning, highlighted that the new logo and slogan are designed to foster optimism and encourage active participation from all citizens in the RGPH 2024.

By emphasizing the collective responsibility in building the nation’s future, the HCP hopes to mobilize a wide participation, making the 2024 census a comprehensive and inclusive representation of Morocco’s demographic landscape.