The head of government, Saâd Dine El Otmani affirmed, Monday in Rabat, that the Royal Speech addressed to the Nation on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the revolution of the King and the people is a real plea for the true values of patriotism.

In a statement issued at the end of the government council, held by videoconference, El Otmani underlined “the importance of this Royal Speech which insists on the values of patriotism and the defense of the fatherland, values that should be present at all times in the minds of those in charge for the management of public affairs”.

The head of government recalled, in this regard, the scope of the celebration of the anniversary of the revolution of the King and the people and the youth day, Asking God to renew such occasions for the Sovereign and the illustrious Royal family in health and well-being and for the Moroccan people in stability and prosperity.

He also added that the Royal Speech insists on the absolute necessity for Morocco to always remain strong in favor of its institutions, the unity of all of its components and their mobilization for the defense of the higher interests of the nation, especially during times of crisis. A flawless mobilization as this has been confirmed recently in the face of maneuvers and plots targeting the Kingdom, he said, citing, in this regard, the Royal speech which underlines that “Morocco is a target because it is a country steeped in history – it has existed for more than twelve centuries, not to mention the nation’s longstanding Amazigh history – and it is governed by a citizen-based monarchy which has existed for more than four centuries, and which is rooted in a solid bond between the throne and the people.”

In his speech, the Sovereign affirmed that “like some other countries of the Arab Maghreb Union, Morocco is the target of deliberate, hostile attacks. The enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity build their positions on ready-made, yet obsolete, premises.

They simply do not want Morocco to remain free, strong and influential,” El Otmani recalled. El Otmani concluded by saying that, in the Royal speech, HM the King affirmed that “the plots hatched by the enemies of our territorial integrity only enhance Moroccans’ faith and their resolve to continue defending their homeland and its interests.”