The Regional Development Company “Rabat Région Patrimoine Historique” (RRPH), responsible for managing and operating the Chellah archaeological site, announces the reopening of the site following significant restoration work initiated in 2021.

Designated a historical monument since 1920 and a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012, the Chellah archaeological site holds a strategic place at the heart of the capital, offering invaluable historical and archaeological value. It represents a true cultural treasure that is continuously restored and preserved.

To enhance and manage the Chellah archaeological site innovatively while preserving its historical value, the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication entrusted the management and operation of the site to the Regional Development Company “Rabat Region Historical Heritage.”

The project has set four primary goals:

. Improve visitor reception conditions by ensuring easy and comfortable access to the site for all visitors.
. Enhance the attractiveness of the archaeological site by offering new products that captivate visitors’ interest and highlight its history and cultural richness.
. Establish a sustainable economic model to finance the long-term preservation, restoration, and enhancement activities of the site.
. Create an ecosystem of stakeholders involving various parties, including local economic actors, in the management and promotion of the site.

To achieve these ambitious goals, RRPH has initiated a series of actions, including the creation of a new tourist circuit, the implementation of an audio-guided tour, the development of a website, and partnerships with the specialized company “Chellah en scène” to offer new products and services.

A journey through time

The proposed tour of Chellah offers a true immersion into Morocco’s history. The visit begins with the ancient city, where visitors can explore the remains of the Roman and Mauretanian eras.

Next, visitors discover the Marinid necropolis, which immerses them in the mysterious atmosphere of the medieval period.

The visit concludes with the gardens of the towers, offering a welcome break after exploring the site’s archaeological treasures.

Audio-guided tour for an in-depth discovery

Throughout the circuit, 29 points of interest are marked and interpreted with the help of the audio-guided tour. This system allows visitors to learn more about each site and benefit from relevant historical and cultural information in their own language.

A website to explore the history of Chellah

A website,, has been created to share useful information about the site and its various components.

Visitors can explore Chellah’s fascinating history, discover the archaeological excavations carried out on the site, and view the objects found there.

The website also allows visitors to book and purchase their entry tickets remotely.

Rates and free admission

The entry fees vary depending on the visit options. General admission is 70 DHS, while the audio-guided tour is offered at 120 DHS per person.

Moroccans and foreign residents in Morocco receive a 50% discount on visit rates.

A variety of new activities offered

To enhance the site’s attractiveness, RRPH has partnered with the specialized company “Chellah en scène” to offer new products and services that captivate visitors’ interest and highlight the site’s history and cultural richness.