Madina Kids and FinlandWay® have formalized a unique educational partnership in the presence of Marjaana Sall, the Finnish Ambassador to Morocco; Lotfi El Eulj, Chairman of the Board; Abderrahmane Lahlou, General Manager; Hayat Cherrouk, Pedagogical General Manager; and Noora Laitio, CEO and co-founder of FinlandWay®.

This collaboration underscores Madina Kids’ commitment to advanced pedagogical methodologies. Starting in September 2024, children in Madina Kids’ preschools will benefit from an innovative educational program based on active learning and incorporating the latest Finnish methods.

Strategic goals and educational innovation

The strategic goal of this partnership is to provide Madina Kids’ students with access to an exceptional curriculum and a holistic learning experience that promotes creativity, personal development, and critical thinking. Madina Kids will have exclusive rights to the FinlandWay® program in Casablanca, implementing the system across all its campuses in Ain Sebaa, Californie, and Polo.

“The FinlandWay® approach, deeply rooted in play-based learning, aligns perfectly with our commitment to the overall development of children. This partnership strengthens our educational foundation, offering our students a unique pathway to realize their full potential in an environment that celebrates creativity, innovation, and the joy of learning,” emphasized Hayat Cherrouk, Pedagogical General Manager of Madina Kids.

Shared vision for quality early childhood education

“We are delighted to sign this exclusive partnership with Madina Kids in Casablanca. This collaboration reflects our shared vision of the importance of innovative, high-quality early childhood education. We look forward to working together to enhance the learning journey of hundreds of children,” stated Noora Laitio, CEO and co-founder of FinlandWay®.