The newly inaugurated conservatory of music and choreographic arts, named in honor of the late virtuoso of Amazigh music, Mohamed Rouicha, is blossoming into a hub for nurturing future talents eager to carry on the legacy of the undisputed master of the Loutar.

Located in the heart of Khénifra, the historic city of the Zayane tribe, this conservatory pays tribute to the shimmering voice of the Atlas and a symbol of Moroccan musical heritage, Rouicha. His immeasurable contributions have enriched both the local cultural scene in Khénifra and the national music landscape.

This state-of-the-art artistic and musical institution is dedicated to preparing, training, and supporting young musicians. It aims to awaken and cultivate their talents while respecting the unique musical and poetic traditions of the Middle Atlas.

The institute offers academic courses in music theory, lute, and classical violin. Currently, about 42 students attend classes in rooms equipped with excellent acoustics, allowing them to practice various musical instruments. The conservatory also boasts a dance hall designed to meet theater and dance requirements, along with dressing rooms for artists.

As the first of its kind in the capital of the Middle Atlas, this institution aims to showcase the intangible artistic heritage of the region. It seeks to uncover new musical talents and promote musical practice among the younger generation, particularly those from remote rural areas.