A massive new industrial park is set to rise in Khouribga, aiming to establish the Béni Mellal-Khénifra region as a premier industrial hub and solidify its position within Morocco’s national industrial landscape.

Traditionally known for its agricultural and tourist appeal, Béni Mellal-Khénifra is embarking on an industrial transformation. This change is marked by a recent memorandum of understanding with the Chinese giant, Holley Global, a leader in the creation and management of industrial free zones. This new industrial landmark will be named the “North Africa Moroccan Industrial Park.”

For years, industry in the region took a backseat, overshadowed by agriculture, which alone contributes 19.8% to the regional GDP. However, with the strong commitment of regional stakeholders, the industrial sector is now stepping into the spotlight, aiming to become competitive alongside agriculture.

The industrial park, spanning 300 hectares in the Béni Yakhlef commune of Khouribga, is strategically located near major industrial cities like Casablanca, Fès, and Meknès. With an investment of 1.5 billion DH, the project is expected to boost employment significantly, creating approximately 20,000 direct jobs. This aligns with the region’s new industrial focus, aimed at invigorating economic dynamics.

The park will not only diversify the region’s economy but also steer its development towards promising industrial sectors and modern technologies. Designed to house companies specializing in automotive and spare parts, electromechanics, furniture, textiles, household appliances, electronics, fodder, and renewable energy products, the park is well-equipped to support various industries.

Located just 45 minutes from Casablanca airport, the park boasts excellent connectivity to road, rail, and port networks. This facilitates faster transportation of manufactured goods via trailers to Tanger Med port and other maritime transit points, ensuring efficient distribution.

This ambitious project represents a pivotal moment for Béni Mellal-Khénifra, transitioning from its traditional roots to embrace a dynamic industrial future.