The Moroccan pharmaceutical group Laprophan has announced its majority acquisition of Botanic Pharma, a company specializing in natural dietary supplements. This strategic move, pending regulatory approvals, aims to bolster Laprophan’s presence in European and African markets while expanding its portfolio of innovative and high-quality health products.

This acquisition aligns with Laprophan’s ambition to become a key player in the rapidly growing global dietary supplements sector.

“The Group is committed to leveraging this growth to offer new, natural, and effective health solutions. Additionally, Botanic Pharma has secured all necessary certifications for developing cannabis-based products in Morocco. Botanic Pharma will also integrate Laprophan’s research and development efforts and product lines for cannabis-based supplements, opening new therapeutic avenues,” the statement continued.

“We are thrilled to welcome Botanic Pharma into the Laprophan Group. This acquisition enhances our ability to innovate and provide cutting-edge health solutions. It aligns perfectly with our mission to improve quality of life through high-quality natural supplements,” stated Reda Bennis, Vice President of Laprophan, in the press release.

“Joining the Laprophan Group, a pioneer in R&D in Morocco, presents an incredible opportunity for us to accelerate our development and innovate even further. Together, we will create significant added value for our patients and partners,” added Amine Tahiri Hassani, founder and pharmacist of Botanic Pharma.