In order to offer innovative digital services to improve the daily lives of all Moroccans and to fully express its civic commitment, DigiServ, an affiliate of the BNP Paribas Group and BMCI, is launching the “Leena” application to support blood donation in Morocco.

DIGISERV strengthens its position in the “tech for good” ecosystem by fully engaging in a major national issue, aiming to face the risk of blood shortage in Morocco so as  to move towards self-sufficiency. This is how the application Leena (Leena lmgharba kamlin) was born, whose DNA is serving a one and only cause : blood donation.


LEENA is a 100% free and non-profit digital App, created so that all citizens and businesses can be part of this civic approach, with the unique objective of raising awareness and motivating people to donate blood.

«Leena» is the result of a collaboration between DigiServ and the Technology Hub of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), two digital players committed to meet a public health need with a solution fully adapted to the reality of the field.

Developed based on several studies, user tests and interactions with the different testers, the application «Leena» gives Moroccans a centralized access to the useful and necessary information to make their donation, answers to various questions and practical features. The donation of blood thus becomes a simple and easy citizen act, which responds to the solidarity that characterizes Moroccans.

Through the “Leena” application, it is possible to pass a blood donation eligibility test by answering a survey, find the nearest blood donation centre using the geolocation tool, make a donation promise and finally receive notifications and reminders to convert this promise into a real gift. “Leena” allows users to track their blood donations and keep a history. Once needed, the app allows them to publish a blood donation request to solicit help from the Leena community.

In addition, “Leena” is also addressed to the companies and organizations that want to develop their CSR (Company’s social responsibility) policy in the long term, encouraging them to organize blood-collecting days and thus strengthen bonds of internal solidarity. 

To access «Leena», simply download the Leena app on your Android device.

Through its service «Leena», DigiServ aims to stimulate a true spirit of emulation that would affect both individuals and companies, in order to encourage them to mobilize in favor of blood donation.