The first ship carrying Moroccan Expatriates arrived, Thursday at the Tangier Med port, as part of the Marhaba 2021 operation.

The ship “Pelagos” of the French shipping company “La meridionale”, provides the link between Marseille and the port Tangier Med passengers, one of the main shipping lines alongside those linking Tangier Med to Sete (France) and Tangier Med to Genoa (Italy).

The port authority of Tangier Med and the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity have, on this occasion, reserved a warm welcome to Moroccans living abroad arrived on board this ship, happy to return to the motherland after an enforced absence of about a year and a half due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

The head of the humanitarian and medical pole at the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, Abdellah Omar Moussa, said that the port of Tangier Med welcomes the first ship from Marseille, with on board expatriates wishing to return to the country to meet their relatives.

“The reception of these Moroccans of the World is organized with perfect coordination between all partners and stakeholders of the Marhaba operation, including port and local authorities, national police, the Royal Gendarmerie, elements of customs and health authorities,” he said in a statement to MAP, noting that the Foundation is preparing an arsenal of measures to ensure the conduct of the Marhaba operation in the best conditions.

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, pursuant to the High Royal Instructions, is working to make the necessary arrangements on board the ships in favor of members of the Moroccan community residing abroad, in order to guarantee them the best travel conditions, he added.