Moroccan filmmaker Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi was honored at the 3rd edition of the Golden Femi Film Festival (GFFF) in Sofia for his film “Fatema the Unforgettable Sultana” (2022). This biographical film, which beautifully narrates the life and struggles of the late Fatima Mernissi, received both the Grand Prize and the Best Director Award.

The awards ceremony, held in a prestigious palace in Bulgaria’s capital, saw the Moroccan Ambassador to Bulgaria, Zakia El Midaoui, accepting the trophy on behalf of Tazi. She expressed her gratitude to the festival organizers and jury members for recognizing Tazi’s work.

“I am thrilled to see our country receive another significant accolade through the talented Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi for his film ‘Fatema the Unforgettable Sultana,’ which highlights the life of sociologist and feminist icon Fatema Mernissi,” stated El Midaoui. She also highlighted King Mohammed VI’s ongoing support for Morocco’s film industry, aiming to boost state funding, foster growth, and enhance the sector’s competitiveness.

El Midaoui emphasized Morocco’s extensive cooperation with numerous countries to advance cinematic creation. She referenced recent agreements signed during the January visit of Bulgaria’s then-Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel, including a notable pact on film co-production and exchanges to facilitate joint film projects between Morocco and Bulgaria.

The 2024 GFFF featured nearly 5,000 films from 130 countries, spanning various categories like documentaries, feature films, short films, animations, series, student films, and works for people with special needs. The festival’s film screenings will continue throughout the year in several Bulgarian cities.

In line with the festival’s commitment to ecological and sustainable development causes, El Midaoui joined Bulgarian and international dignitaries in planting trees in the “International Forest of Glory” in Ivanyane, near Sofia. This initiative, conducted with Sofia’s municipality and the City Council President, follows a similar tree-planting event held last year in Sofia’s Studentski Park.

The Golden Femi Film Festival serves as an international platform spotlighting films with contemporary social themes from around the world. It particularly emphasizes women filmmakers and the fight against domestic violence towards women and children. In the previous edition, Moroccan director Hamid Basket won the Best Director award for a social issue-themed feature film with “The Silence of Butterflies,” a thriller delving into the lives of women struggling to reclaim lost humanity.