Morocco is becoming a “true” hub for the expansion of the gaming industry into African markets, declared Sophie Zhong, Vice President of the Chinese group Century Huatong, on Saturday in Rabat.

Speaking at a press conference held alongside the inaugural “Morocco Gaming Expo 2024,” Zhong emphasized Morocco’s pivotal role as a strategic hub for the electronic gaming industry in Africa. This event provided a platform for a group of Chinese investors to announce their investment plans in Morocco’s video game sector and to explore ways to develop this industry further.

Highlighting Morocco’s significant infrastructure development, Zhong, from Century Huatong Group—specialized in online game development and operations—stated that this progress “positions the country as a genuine hub for accessing African markets.”

Zhong also praised Morocco’s ambition to advance the gaming industry, commending the Kingdom’s efforts and its accumulated experience in cultural and creative industries. She called for the appropriate localization of electronic industries in Morocco and across the continent, to foster mutual interests and promote video games, which are increasingly popular among large segments of the Moroccan population.

In this context, Zhong stressed the importance of leveraging local educational systems that use video games for educational purposes, suggesting the possibility of bringing Chinese educators to Morocco to aid both in educational initiatives and in boosting the broader electronic industry.

The first edition of the Morocco Gaming Expo aims to promote the national gaming industry and showcase its diverse technical, artistic, creative, educational, and financial components.

Organized by the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the expo serves as a platform for Moroccan companies and startups, providing them the opportunity to meet international gaming industry players and establish partnerships both nationally and internationally. It also offers young entrepreneurs passionate about gaming a chance to connect with various industry stakeholders and encourages entrepreneurial initiatives within the sector.

Running from May 24 to 26, the expo features seminars, roundtable discussions, and training sessions led by high-level experts. Topics covered include “Rabat Gaming City,” “The Video Game Industry – Trends and Perspectives,” “Video Games in the Entertainment Industry: A New Paradigm,” and “Building a Video Game Ecosystem: Keys to Success.”