At the Diplomatic Travel Awards 2024 held in New Delhi, Morocco was celebrated as the “World’s Most Dynamic Destination,” reinforcing its growing appeal among international travelers.

The award was presented to Morocco’s ambassador to New Delhi, Mohamed Maliki, by the Vice-Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in India, Bhutan’s ambassador Vetsop Namgyel. This recognition highlights Morocco’s rich heritage, enchanting beauty, and vibrant culture.

As the guest of honor at the event, Ambassador Maliki expressed pride in the strong ties between Morocco and India. He noted that this international recognition reflects Morocco’s ongoing efforts to establish itself as a premier tourist destination. Maliki emphasized the increasing interest in Morocco from Indian travelers, who are drawn to its cultural diversity, varied landscapes, and legendary hospitality. He also highlighted recent initiatives to facilitate travel for Indian nationals, such as the introduction of the e-visa and the opening of a Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) in Delhi at the end of 2023.

The Diplomatic Travel Awards 2024 saw participation from ambassadors and diplomats from over 45 countries, along with notable figures from the tourism industry.

“Travel Jingles,” a renowned Indian travel magazine, served as a bridge between diplomatic missions, tourism professionals, and travelers.