Communication Satellite Orbiting Earth. 3D Scene.

In a significant milestone for Israel’s defense sector, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has inked a $1 billion deal to supply Morocco with cutting-edge spy satellites. This landmark agreement reflects the deepening ties fostered by the Abraham Accords, continuing to generate substantial benefits for both nations.

The agreement, though sparse on specific details, reportedly involves Morocco acquiring two advanced Opsat 3000 series satellites. These sophisticated satellites, also employed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for reconnaissance, are set to replace Morocco’s older, less capable satellites purchased from a European consortium.

Beyond the satellite deal, Morocco has also invested $500 million in IAI’s Barak 8 air defense system, further cementing their strategic partnership. These deals have been significantly influenced by Amir Peretz, Chairman of IAI, leveraging his connections in Morocco.

The production of these spy satellites involves notable collaborations within Israel’s defense industry. Elbit Systems provides the high-resolution space cameras, while Rafael Advanced Defense Systems constructs the propulsion systems crucial for maintaining the satellites’ orbits. IAI’s reputation for excellence in satellite technology is evidenced by previous sales to countries such as India, Azerbaijan, Italy, and Singapore.

Despite the ongoing War of Iron Swords, Morocco has honored the agreement, finalized last summer, highlighting the robust nature of this international partnership.

The conflict has spurred increased demand for employment within Israel’s defense sector, viewed as a stable and vital industry during turbulent times. Yair Katz, Chairman of the IAI Workers’ Union, highlighted this surge at the AllJobs Human Capital Market Conference, noting a significant uptick in job applications. “In just six months, we’ve received 35,000 resumes,” Katz remarked, emphasizing the crucial role of the defense industry in safeguarding lives.

Katz also voiced criticism towards Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, accusing him of undermining Israel’s security by failing to support the defense industry’s growth. He underscored the importance of grants for workers in conflict zones, advocating for equal recognition and support for their contributions.

This landmark deal not only signifies a leap forward in Morocco’s defense capabilities but also showcases the resilience and innovation of Israel’s defense industry amid global and regional challenges.