The Moroccan real estate market has welcomed a new player: “Valofine.” This ambitious joint venture, born from the partnership between Valoris Group and Best Financière, is set to tackle the challenges of property development with vigor and expertise.

Valofine leverages Valoris’s extensive experience in large-scale real estate projects, such as Sky Tower and Les Jardins d’Anfa in Casa Anfa. Coupled with the financial strength of Best Financière, a key player in the sector with significant stakes in Aradei Capital—a specialist in shopping centers and other real estate ventures—Valofine is poised for success.

Guided by the leadership of Riad Laissaoui and Taoufiq Fenniche, Valofine emphasizes the synergy of its skills and a shared vision for real estate development. This new alliance is set to invigorate the market and shape the future of Moroccan real estate.