In a significant development, André Azoulay, the esteemed advisor to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, chaired the signing of a pivotal agreement between COSUMAR and the Foundation for Research, Development, and Innovation in Science and Engineering (FRDSI). This partnership is set to propel innovative projects forward, particularly those endorsed by the Maroc Innov Sidi Moumen caravan.

This new convention marks a commitment to fostering the mentorship of projects handpicked by the Maroc Innov Sidi Moumen initiative. This collaboration aims to provide essential support to promising innovations, ensuring they receive the necessary guidance and resources to thrive.

During the ceremony, COSUMAR’s CEO was honored with a prestigious award, recognizing the company’s relentless efforts in supporting research projects, developing cutting-edge technological products, patent filings, and nurturing young entrepreneurs since the Foundation’s inception in 2016.

Under the leadership of André Azoulay, the FRDSI stands as a public institution dedicated to advancing the fields of science and engineering. It operates as a comprehensive platform for research, education, innovation, industrial development, and technology transfer. By championing innovation, the Foundation plays a critical role in facilitating collaborative projects and cultivating new ideas.

Moreover, the FRDSI is instrumental in the incubation and creation of small enterprises and startups, providing an environment conducive to entrepreneurship. With years of experience, the Foundation has developed substantial expertise across various sectors, including scientific research training, project support, entrepreneurship, and startup development.