Prison locale Ain Sebaa. 15072020 - Casablanca

No death linked to the new coronavirus has been recorded in the local prison of Ain Sebaa 1, said Friday the management of this penal institution.

In a reaction to a video published by a former inmate of the local prison of Ain Sebaa 1 referring to “the cover-up of the death of 40 people because of the coronavirus”, the management of the prison said that these are “unfounded allegations”.

No such death has been recorded in this prison, “thanks to the proactive and preventive measures that have been taken to protect the prison population, including preventing family visits and imposing quarantine by alternating employees inside the institution,” according to the same source.

On the inaccuracies contained in the statements of the above-mentioned person about a “shortage of food provided to inmates” and “high prices of the commissary”, the management of the local prison of Ain Sebaa 1 said that these are “false allegations”.

“Private companies are responsible for the preparation of meals for inmates and the administration of the institution has never received a complaint in this sense,” said the statement, adding that “the products available in the commissary are sold at the same prices applicable outside the prison, which are clearly displayed”.

Regarding the allegation that “the head of the cell would have tortured and assaulted prisoners and would have transferred some despite their illnesses,” the same source said that the inspections conducted by the head of the cell are conducted under the direct supervision of the director of the institution in full compliance with the law governing the operation of prisons and the dignity of residents, noting that inmates about to be transferred to other facilities are required to appear before a physician, who decides whether or not to transfer them.

The management of the local prison of Ain Sebaa 1 stressed that the allegations made by this former prisoner, a repeat offender known for his constant attempts to traffic drugs inside the prison, will not prevent it from enforcing the law firmly, adding that it has decided to file a direct complaint against the said person to the competent judicial authority in order to preserve the image of the institution as well as the reputation of its staff.