Orange Maroc continues its commitment to the Moroccan and African digital ecosystem by partnering with the second edition of Gitex Africa Morocco 2024, held from May 29 to 31 in Marrakech.

As a key technological and digital partner of the event, Orange Maroc has announced a groundbreaking strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the global leader in cloud computing services. This unprecedented collaboration marks a first in Morocco and North Africa, positioning Orange Maroc at the forefront of Morocco’s ambitions to become a leading technological hub in Africa.

“Morocco is a dynamic market where digital transformation is advancing rapidly. As a committed player in supporting the Kingdom’s digital transformation, Orange Maroc is proud to partner today with the world’s leading cloud solutions provider, Amazon Web Services. This collaboration promises to unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth across both public and private sectors,” emphasized Hendrik Kasteel, CEO of Orange Maroc.

Through this partnership, Orange Maroc aims to support the burgeoning local cloud market. This rapidly growing sector is one of the continent’s most dynamic, with an expected significant annual growth rate set to boost its economic impact to 7 billion dirhams by 2027, according to the first sectoral monograph on data centers published by the Competition Council in September 2023.

Data territoriality is a fundamental pillar of this partnership, with Orange Maroc fully committed to ensuring data security, compliance, and control for businesses. This involves a physical presence of AWS services within Orange Maroc’s data centers, offering several key advantages:

Ultra-Low Latency: AWS Wavelength integrates AWS compute and storage services directly into telecommunications networks at the edge, enabling developers to create ultra-low latency applications. This proximity to end-users enhances the performance of critical applications.

Data Residency: By ensuring data remains localized in Morocco, the partnership guarantees compliance with local data residency laws, reinforcing legal security under Moroccan regulations and establishing a reliable digital ecosystem.

Comprehensive Cloud Ecosystem: Orange Maroc brings the entire AWS ecosystem to Morocco, providing local public administrations and businesses with access to a broad range of AWS services. These services span areas such as computing, storage, databases, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), among others.

Local Billing in Dirhams (DHS): AWS services offered by Orange Maroc are billed in Moroccan dirhams, simplifying cost management and providing a convenient local billing solution.

This deployment will accelerate the development of sectors such as finance, healthcare, and applications for augmented and virtual reality. Cloud migration also enables businesses and public administrations to reduce IT infrastructure costs and improve operational efficiency.

Additionally, this collaboration will strengthen the local digital ecosystem by fostering innovation and supporting the growth of emerging businesses and startups through simplified access to cloud resources and development tools.

Orange Maroc reaffirms its commitment to supporting its clients in their digital transformation by offering a comprehensive range of ICT services, from connectivity to data security. With international expertise and local presence, Orange Maroc aims to provide a unique ICT experience to its clients.