Red Med Securities, a leading figure in the stock market, has unveiled its “Plan d’Épargne en Actions” (PEA-RMS). This innovative investment plan is designed to offer investors a unique opportunity to enhance their savings with significant tax benefits.

A Plan designed for growth

The PEA-RMS enables savers to build a diversified stock portfolio while enjoying reduced taxation. This financial product is suitable for both seasoned investors and newcomers eager to venture into stock investments.

Key features of PEA-RMS

  • Tax benefits: Income tax and capital gains tax exemption after five years of holding.
  • Flexibility: Free and scheduled contributions.
  • Diversification: Access to a wide range of stocks.

An attractive launch offer

To celebrate the launch of PEA-RMS, Red Med Securities is offering a 50% discount on transaction fees for the first year to all new subscribers.

How to subscribe?

  1. Open your account remotely in minutes via our RMS-ONBOARD platform: RMS-ONBOARD
  2. Make your first contribution to start investing.
  3. Enjoy a welcome bonus and begin growing your savings today.