As part of the preparations for the resumption of flights to and from Morocco, a series of measures are being put in place to mobilize human resources to handle the expected flow of passengers expected to land at Casablanca Mohammed V Airport, as well as the necessary equipment for the functioning and management of everything related to flight operations.

It should be noted that Terminal 2, previously closed to mitigate the impact of the collapse of activity in recent months, is about to reopen in order to better manage the flow of passengers.

On the precautionary side, at Casablanca Mohammed V Airport, as at other airports in the Kingdom, the various measures, provided by the device of the National Office of Airports (ONDA), are still in force.

These include the implementation of physical separations or Plexiglas plates at fixed locations where there is human interaction with passengers, the application of social distancing measures at all waiting areas of the airport through floor markings, the condemnation of a seat on the bench and spacing of the seats and in all the spaces of reception of the passengers via the linear queue with one way and distanciated, as well as the installation of distributors of disinfectant gel in the various points of the airport.

Awareness is also present in force through the dissemination of messages on the respect of the instructions of social distancing and barrier gestures through sound announcements, display screens and information panels, in addition to the marking on the ground, all along the passenger’s journey of stickers to organize the queues and ensure fluidity in the different areas of the airport.