The forward-looking vision of  King Mohammed VI will allow the Kingdom to meet its future needs in vaccines and satisfy the demands of other States, including the African continent, said Thursday, head of Government, Saad Eddine El Otmani.

A statement issued at the end of the weekly meeting of the Government Council, held by videoconference, said that El Otmani recalled that this Council is held a few days after the ceremony of launching and signing agreements on the fill-finish manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccine and other vaccines in Morocco, chaired on Monday by HM King Mohammed VI at the Royal Palace in Fez.

The Sovereign’s forward-looking vision will also allow the transfer of technology to the Kingdom, he stressed, noting that this is a very important step in this process, which comes in addition to other achievements made through the High Royal Orientations, in the fight against this pandemic and its socio-economic effects.

This new project, he said, will capitalize on the experience of the Kingdom which represents a series of “success stories” in terms of the anti-Covid fight, deploring, however, an increase, for the second consecutive week, in the number of Covid-19 infections and critical cases, which requires, he insisted, a very high level of caution and vigilance.

El Otmani said that the government had decided to hold meetings of its Council by videoconference in order to give a signal to all citizens about the need to raise the level of vigilance and caution and to strictly adhere to preventive measures following a certain relaxation observed in some areas and regions.

The head of Government called on citizens to be aware of the importance of respecting precautionary measures in order to preserve the health of all, at a time when some countries are forced to re-impose health lockdown or to tighten travel measures, as well as those relating to certain professions and activities.