Sept. 8 Elections Reflect Collective Consciousness of Moroccans (Lebanese Daily)
Sept. 8 Elections Reflect Collective Consciousness of Moroccans (Lebanese Daily)

September 8 Elections in Morocco highlight the “collective consciousness of Moroccans,” which reaffirmed their legitimate expectations, Lebanese daily “Annahar” wrote.

In an article under the title “The Moroccan experience” by writer and journalist Mohamed Al-Rumaihi, the daily noted that the Moroccan experience must be discussed as “it is remarkable.”

The question lies essentially in the management of the modern state, the author explained, adding that “the state can only be managed if it takes into account and responds to the society’s expectations.

“Foreign policy was not the subject of discussion in the Moroccan election campaign, but the focus was rather on the management and action of the state to meet the needs of Moroccans,” the daily pointed out, noting that the ultimate goal of these elections remains the social and political life of Moroccan society.

“If we review the electoral program of the parties, the RNI, which won the majority of seats, its priority was emphasized on economic, educational and health issues,” Al Rumaihi wrote.

The program of the PAM party focused on what it calls “social democracy”, which is the connection between the development of democratic understanding and collective action, for the common good, he concluded.