Royal Air Maroc and the Senegalese Mouride Brotherhood have signed a new agreement in Casablanca aimed at strengthening their partnership. This agreement provides increased benefits to members of the Mouride community, including preferential rates, freight facilities, and services tailored to their needs when traveling to Dakar and during the annual pilgrimage to Touba.

The agreement also includes special provisions for the repatriation of deceased members and support for the brotherhood’s international events. A dedicated contact person will be established within Royal Air Maroc to facilitate communication with Mouride representatives abroad.

In return, Royal Air Maroc will benefit from the support and endorsement of this influential community, which represents approximately 35% of the Senegalese population and plays a major role in various sectors.

This agreement strengthens Royal Air Maroc’s position as a leader and innovator in the region. The airline is the only one to have established a solid and lasting partnership with an influential community. Royal Air Maroc continues to develop its strategic partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Senegal.